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As founder of the SEAL Adventure Challenge, SEAL Training Academy, SEAL Adventure Leadership Training, Odyssey Adventure Racing and Odyssey Adventure Leadership Training, Don Mann has been very successful since 1997 in providing adventure leadership opportunities for people of all athletic abilities and backgrounds.

When not conducting world-class competitions, he conducts team building programs for business and government personnel through Don Mann Enterprises, Inc. (DME).

DME’s leadership programs are effective by modeling each program to fit the client’s specific needs. The training provides activities that build individual and team strength and confidence. Participants are introduced to activities that bring them out of their “comfort zone”. Various adventure sport and/or military training evolutions are implemented in which the strong must help team mates, such that all participants find their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

DME programs are designed to meet individual or organizational goals and training objectives, and do it in a way that participants enjoy, and find life affirming.

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