Four Stars

by Amazon Customer

Great read.

Good read!

by Marlin McElwain

Pretty good book. It slows down in spots but I understand character development and such. The action sequences are great and aside from one extended slow period, it rolls along well. I will be reading the others in this series!

Five Stars

by Ralph Abruzzese

Excellent reading I really enjoyed reading this book, I bought three of the SEAL Team Six books so far.

Another Home Run!

by C.J. Puhala

Another edge of your seat thriller from Mann and Pezzullo!

Four Stars

by Heather Hayhoe

Great book…arrived quickly


by Shane Simpson

Love it!

Four Stars

by John P. Benedict

Another great book in the series. Great insight into the situation(s) in the Middle East.

Well Done!

by Guitarfan

Good fiction that I’m sure is based on some truths. I liked it enough to buy the next one in the series.

Five Stars

by Masterl


Hunt the Scorpion

by John G

Another great book to read. However, the ending left the reader guessing as to “where does Crocker and his team go next?” I’m waiting to find out as I really enjoy reading these books. From the very beginning of each book the author takes you right into the action.
Been there, done that, and I can relate.

Awesome series!

by verbilkent

Don Mann is the best! I am reading the entire series, I’m sad that I’m almost on the last book. You can’t put these books down, realistic, intriguing and as real world as you can get.

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