Best one yet!

by Barbara Wright “Barb”

Tom Crocker is back and has some unfinished business from his last mission. The action is fast, action packed, and non-stop. With the members of his team, Tom does what he does best, hunt the bad guys.

Tom’s wife, Holly, is having some issues of her own. While Tom understands, he realizes that Holly must work through the issues for herself. He plans to attack her problem on a different front by finding the man who caused her problems.

“Seal Team Six: Hunt the Falcon” was a great read. I enjoyed the booked and found it hard to break away from reading when I needed to do something else. There isn’t much “filler” in this book and the illogical side trips or challenges are thankfully absent. The characters and the missions are believable so that the reader is drawn into the story and is carried along in the action. The human interactions between Crocker and his family; and the interactions between Crocker and the other characters is very much what would occur in reality.

I feel this is the best book of the Seal Team Series so far. I highly recommend the book.

I was provided a free copy of this book for review from Mulholland Books and Net Gallery. I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.

Five Stars

by StasZ

Excellent book, easy read.

Five Stars

by Mark Webb

Good read

Enjoy the ride within these

by D. Thiel

Could not put this book down. Have purchased the other books in this series. Enjoy the ride within these pages.

His personal struggle and bravery in the most desperate situations tests his spirit and body.

by Reececo

This is a dynamic guns blazing adventure. The Falcon focuses on the desperate struggle against the 5000 islamic radical extreme terrorist group. Chief Warrant officer Tom Crocker is struggling with personal guilt and his loyalty to his Seal team six. He finds little time at home during the holidays after his faithful rescue of his wife from the clutches of the Falcon. The secret head of the radical islamic group from Iran. His adventures foiling bomb plots takes him all over the world from the streets of Bangkok to Brazil to Venezuela. His personal struggle and bravery in the most desperate situations tests his spirit and body.


by Christian

Another spectacular book from Don Mann.

Fantastic series

by Mr L

The books in this series are fantastic and well written.

Five Stars

by Clifford A OConnor
Good series


by Al
Fun book

Get your cop

by Joel Daniels

Great book.

Love the series

by Master I 

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