On patrol with seal team 6
By glacierbear
I’ve read the whole series by Donn Mann. He tells what life was like in seal team six. I have read several other books on seal team six and they tend to concur with some of the stories he tells.

High Intensity and Action Packed
By Monnie777
I received this book from Net Galley for my opinion on this book. Another Action Packed book. This is the third book in Tom Crocker series and it’s more action packed, high intense book to date. This book is like watching a Blockbuster Action Movie but it’s written down instead of it being a movie. There is a little personal drama in the book but it only makes sense for there to be. The book from start to finish is action, action, action. I loved every minute of it. I still don’t know how the Seal Team 6 is still alive after this book. You cheer for Tom Crocker and his Team to get the bad guy and they always do but with such flair. You get so engrossed in the book that you don’t realize that you have already read half the book. I would recommend everyone reads this book but start with the first one in the series.

Excellent book!
By Joel Ortiz
I was a little late to the series, but I’m already on Hunt The Jackal. I can’t put these books down!!

I Really Enjoy This Series
By Janet
This third novel in the Seal Team Six series delivers on the action. Don Mann’s military background lends itself well to the authenticity and believability of the novels. Once again, I found the detail included a little of a slow starter for me, but the story itself is well plotted, the twists and turns, some expected, some not, are woven seamlessly into the story and it flows well. The main Character and his relationships, both in and out of The Teams, are balanced well with the action/suspense factors.
Once again, I found myself reading far too late into the night and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the series. I look forward to book three.
*I received my copy from NetGalley.com in exchange for an honest review.

By Celia L. Finochio
Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Fairly solid thriller
By RJ Blain
SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon tells the story of a group of SEAL operatives on the hunt for the Falcon, an Iranian terrorist who had kidnapped the main character’s wife several months prior.

The Short Review: I really wanted to like this novel. It reminded me of an interesting blend of Mitch Rapp and Jack Ryan, but at the end, I couldn’t help but feel that in the effort to hit two different styles of thriller at the same time, the novel missed its mark. It was enjoyable, but I didn’t find it quite as engaging as other thrillers in the same ballpark.

I’d give this novel 3.5* to 4*; Crocker is an interesting character, but I felt that there was just something missing from the tension in the story. Still, it wasn’t a bad book, it just didn’t grab me nearly as much as I was hoping it would.

One thing I will shout out for this book: It has a very real, gritty feel to it, which I really appreciated.

The Long Review: SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon opens with the deaths of the parents of a child by the Iranian terrorist ‘the Falcon.’ Crocker goes on the hunt, with his team of SEALs, in order to bring the Falcon to justice.

This story shines when the focus is on what the team is doing. During those phases of the novel, I really enjoyed the book. During those parts, it’s a solid 4*, occasionally 5* book for me. It’s when the story loses focus on the Falcon and shifts to other things, including the relationships with Crocker’s family.

The transitions between these two parts of the story were really rough for me. It often felt like there was a lot of jumping. One minute, I’m in a different country on the hunt for the Falcon, and the next, Crocker is home dealing with family life. There’s very little transition, which would leave me floundering to get back into the story.

Once Crocker went back on the hunt for the Falcon, I was enjoying the story again. I think part of it boils down to the fact that Crocker lacks the charismatic charm of Jack Ryan and Mitch Rapp, which didn’t let me really get into his character when he wasn’t being a SEAL. His actions as a SEAL were what held me to the story, not the characterizations with his family, which just didn’t work well for me.

That’s personal taste. In terms of writing quality, which is what I’m basing the star value of this review on, it’s a pretty solid 4*. It’s gritty, down-to-Earth, and works well for the genre of book.

I just couldn’t get into Crocker’s character in this book, outside of when he was being a SEAL doing what he does best. If the focus had been less on his family, I probably would have enjoyed this book even more.

I want to take a moment to talk about one of the strengths of this book: The technicalities. If you’re looking for a realistic thriller, this is probably right up your alley. It reads accurate, feels accurate, and is accurate, at least so far as I can tell from what I do know about operations of this type. That is one of the strengths that kept me reading right up to the end of the book.

So, if you like thrillers of the military type with a focus on anti-terrorism, this novel is definitely worth the read. If you’re going in and expecting the charismatic charm of Mitch Rapp or Jack Ryan, however, I’d be wary. Crocker is a lot more down-t0-Earth, and I feel he isn’t quite as likable because of it. Still, I rooted for him, although he just wasn’t the type of character I was really hoping for.

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher.

Five Stars
By Larry Hanks
Book delivered and in condition, as promised.

SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon by Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo
By Ski-Wee’s Book Corner
John and Lenora Rhinehart have a son named Alex who is autistic with an exceptional high IQ. John, an economic counselor for the United States Embassy and Lenora an administrative assistant for the CIA are killed along with other officials in Rome Athens, Mumbai, and Cairo. The method used was a magnetic device attached to the rear bumper of their vehicles by terrorists riding motorcycles. Alex is told of his parents passing and decides to never again communicate verbally or interact with people.

The original team of Black Cell members Crocker, Davis, Ritchie, Mancini, Cal, and Daly are on assignment with seven new additional machine gunners when three of the seven new members, Douglas, Phillips, and Jake are injured during the mission and sent back to the United States for medical attention and recuperation.

Several missions and injuries later, Crocker, Mancini, and Daly are captured and tortured and Crocker devises a plan of escape releasing him and the other Black Cell members. Upon arrival on United States soil, Black Cell must follow the directive by the Commanding Officer for a mandatory vacation of six weeks before their next assignment. After the much-needed vacation, Black Cell receives a new assignment that leads to Alizadeh who is responsible for the vehicle bombings of United States Officials and a private personal visit with the son of John and Lenora Rhinehart.

The third installment of the SEAL Team Six series has several additional action and adventure fighting mission scenes than the previous two novels. While enjoying this episode of adventures for the Black Cell team I felt there was an excessive amount of missions for just one novel. I recommend this book to readers of inside military works and those with navy seal adventures interest being it is an enjoyable read.

I received this novel free from the Net Galley Reviewer Program in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

Couldn’t put it down
By PaigeB
And enjoyed the read. All of the books in the series work well together and individually. Crocker makes a great, flawed protagonist.

Another great ride!
By Rose Martz
Seal Team Six/ Hunt the Falcon

Just finished reading another fantastic book in the series! I’m so excited to tell you that each book is getting better, and better…..lol, I know it doesn’t sound right, better and better, but it is a true statement never the less.

In this new adventure we find Tom and his highly trained team on a mission to eliminate “The Falcon.”
As with this whole series, we find Tom and his men engaged in several different missions, and find our hearts pounding wondering how on earth they are going to make it out of this mess! As they always say….the devil is in the details! We truly hop the globe in this mission from one country to another chasing down leads, looking for the Falcon and missing him by only moments!

But in this book, we also get a clearer picture of Tom. We get a day trip into his grey matter and get to find out how and why he can force his body to go through all the torment he puts it through. We also get a follow up on Holly and his marriage, his family life and his confusion at being unable to be truly content at home. Tom is struggling with his need to be out in the field for longer periods of time.

As with this whole series, bombs are going off, guns are blazing, and truly good men are lost. Tom has to deal with the death of one of his close friends, and we get pulled into the moment and feel his pain. Tom is even more determined to capture the man who has caused him so much pain and suffering!

If you are a fan of this series, you will be excited to pick up this new book. If you are new to the series, I advise you to start the series with the first book, “Hunt the Wolf.” It is a series where you will enjoy it more when all the puzzle pieces fit together.

As always, don’t forget water and sunscreen! We go into some hot places in this new adventure!

*ARC received from talented author/s and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

SEALS never sleep
I received the four SEAL Team Six books Hunt the Wolf, Hunt the Falcon, Hunt the Scorpion, Hunt the Jackal on the same day and I binge read them one after the other. Other reviewers will tell you the details of the plots, but I want to write about the series as a whole.

Although I tried to read them in order, the e-editions I received did not clearly indicate the sequence, even on the OTHER BOOKS BY list. I took a guess and read them Falcon (3), Scorpion(2), Wolf (1), Jackal (4). It didn’t matter much, though, there are some timelines of injuries, deaths, and traumas that run across the series but the books stand alone pretty well. The quality of the text is not even across the whole, however, with Jackal being more choppy than the others. I wondered if one of the writing partners put less effort into that one.

The world of these books is not like the one I inhabit, and I don’t say that because I am not a SEAL running all over the world chasing bad guys. I need to sleep, I need to eat, and when I sprain an ankle or break a bone, it takes weeks and months to heal. Not these guys. Thomas Crocker tells us every book how many days a year he is on assignment and away from his family – 200, 260, 300 days. These guys don’t have circadian rhythms, I guess. Jet lag, no worry. Sleep deprivation, no worry. Let’s go. Let’s go. Gunshot wounds, broken bones, sprains, torture, emotional trauma, all the standard ordeals of action thrillers, no worry. We are SEALS! We bounce out of the hospital onto a plane to the next assignment. It’s exhausting just to read. And what’s with the diet sodas? I would have thought these guys would need to pack calories to maintain this schedule. They even skip a meal now and again. Never knew soldiers to do that.

The texts are charmingly exact about technology and technological jargon, telling us the complete names of many pieces of equipment and operations protocols, and carefully adding the abbreviation in parentheses. As the Squad Leader, Crocker barks seemingly redundant and trivial orders to his guys, even though he runs them through the same drills every day. Not sure how this works in the military, in the business world he would get in trouble for talking down to his staff.

These are fun books but I imagine that my capacity would be about 6, especially if the writing quality remains at the lower level of book 4. Also, since they are written in supposed real time, the authors run the risk of getting ahead of current events.

I received review copies of Hunt the Wolf, Hunt the Falcon, Hunt the Scorpion, Hunt the Jackal by Don Man and Ralph Pezzullo (Mulholland Books) through NetGalley.com.

Can’t Decide on a Favorite
By J.W “Oderus99”
Author Don Mann’s Seal Team Six series of books remind me of the serials in the “olden days,” such as the Doc Savage series, the Executioner or the Destroyer series. That is meant to be a good compliment as I loved those books as a kid and no series has stood the test of time like they do. The Seal Team Six series rarely, if ever, bogs down and the vernacular and everything in it is relevant. I was not surprised when I read one of the authors bio that he was the “real deal.” I will continue to read this series and I recommend everyone with the taste of adventure, the taste of the military lifestyle or who just likes good actions books read this series. You will not be disappointed.

By Joseph
This is a good book sure is a page turner & the author is very good on writing it & I am glad that I bought it.

Another good read
By HannahPilar
SEAL Team Six book three, Hunt the Falcon by Dan Mann and Ralph Pezzullo pick up on the Hunt for the Iranian terrorist from the last book, Farhed Alizadeh code-named the Falcon. The book started off really well like the other three so far, then it got slow and I had to push myself to read more, it wasn’t bad just slow on the action. But as I knew it would it picked up and finished with a satisfying ending, and yes like the girlie girl I am I cried at the end. You get a good look at the teams personal lives, you get to see how Holly, Tom’s wife, is holding up after her ordeal in the last book. Over all Hunt the Falcon is just as good as the others

The book starts off with the serial bombings of cars all over the world all connected by the device that was used. Two of the casualties were an American and his wife, John and Lena Rinehart, civilian workers for the U.S. embassy and the CIA living in Bangkok. The person behind the string of bombing, Alizadeh. The Rinehart’s unfortunately leave behind their 13-year-old autistic son.

SEAL Team Six is back in the snow-covered mountains this time on a rescue mission to help back up OPM, Observation Post Memphis, which became under attack on the border of Taliban territories. Tom and his men, a newb, and five extra men climb a mountain in the middle of a blizzard in the Hindu Kush range to get to OPM. An exciting and edge of your seat few chapters Tom and his team manage to fight back the attackers and expose the mole. Tom unfortunately loses a close friend and neighbor in the process, and Tom now contemplates his own morality. It’s Thanksgiving when they return home and Tom goes through the motions as he grieves his friend. Work comes crashing back down on him when his CO calls him in. Good Ole Jim Anders from the CIA is waiting for him and informs him he is getting his chance to go after Alizadeh again.

Unit 5000 was the organization behind arming the attack on OPM, and the serial bombings across the globe. In Bangkok Crocker and his team trace down a lone survivor from the bombing, one of the bombers, they raid the location and find all the information they needed. The Iranian Quds Force and Alizadeh formed Unit 5000 and are setting up a base in Venezuela and creating some very powerful explosive devices.

Black Cell the code-name for Crocker’s team is sent off to Venezuela to stop the building of a base and if at all possible take down Alizadeh and his Venezuelan counterpart. Lots of s*** goes down in South America including Black Cell being taken and tortured, Crocker managing to get all but one out alive. Alizadeh manages to escape back to Iran. Black Cell tracks three terrorist through fake passports from Venezuela to Juarez with a butt load of explosives trying to get into the states. Stopping them stops another attack the magnitude of 9-11 on New Orleans.

Black Cell is given four weeks of rest and it drives Crocker crazy but after all that happened his team and himself included need the rest. The CIA with all the information collected by Black Cell knows where Alizadeh and Unit 5000 are and their plan. With an executive order to infiltrate Iran to cut off the head of the snake, stop Unit 5000 by destroying their main base. Crocker, Akil, and Mancini sneak into Iran only to have everything SNAFU as usual.

Hunt the Falcon has a very satisfying ending. With the book closing on Tom visiting the Rinehart’s autistic little boy.

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