Review from Closed the Cover
By Ashley LaMar
They’re back! In the third installment of the Seal Team Six novels Tom Crocker and his SEAL Team Six are back and Don Mann really increased the action! (Did you miss my reviews of book #1 and book #2? Check them out now.) I complained about the predictability of the plot in the first two books and about the amount of filler that did nothing to advance the plot and I was really happy to see that these two issues are not as heavy in this book. While there is still a lot of unnecessary filler that can easily be skimmed rather than read when the dialogue and the action hits it’s incredible! This plot, unlike the others, is not nearly as predictable which made for a much more enjoyable read for me.

As the synopsis for this book says, Tom Crocker’s father returns in this book and that really increases the emotional toll of this book. Crocker is a man on a mission (a critical mission) and his Dad’s return really throws a wrench into his plans. I loved that Mann shook things up a little bit with this and with the captivity of some major players. The overall feel and theme of the book was the same but the intensity with which I read was different. I enjoyed the first two but I devoured this one.

This book, Hunt the Falcon, is absolutely a military thriller! It’s intense, the bullets fly, the action is relentless and by the end readers are left out of breath and fully enraptured with Crocker, his crew, and their mission. This one takes place in Iran and is a really thrilling ride!

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